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Grand Prix Team Challenge

This is one of the greatest team events available in the UK today and no one can do it like us. This event encompasses all the elements of a Grand Prix race, including driving, reactions, pit stops and the seasons championship points. 

F1 teams offer a perfect system to analyse and follow when it comes to team structure and team performance. We believe that this is a formula for Team building and Team Bonding. 

In this event teams will coordinate a:

  • Pit Stop Challenge on a Full Sized F1 Car - which involves changing the wheels on the car in a race scenario. You will have to work as a team, having completely unique roles, all for one objective. This once in a life-time task will challenge any team. 
  • A Simulator Race - using the very latest gaming and training technology, we will transport you to a simulated F1 Circuit, where you will learn to drive at over 200mph and race against your opponents. 
  • A Reaction Based Test - Drivers use this game to hone their skills and reactions. We will test each participant on this activity. 
  • A Mini Championship, which is a series of scaled down slot car racing challenges, used to represent the season. This fun part of the event makes for an excellent ice-breaker and finale. 
  • We have a unique offering of the Pit Perch - Where teams look at telemetery and driver data and communicate their findings throughout the race, this adds a live communication element to an already bursting event. 
  • As well as all of this incredible fun, teams are asked to create strategies, plans, respond to problems, show working and leadership elements and even their creative ability. 

The scoring on this event is worked out like an F1 race and is worked out to the millisecond. We will deliver the final results as part of the event. 

This is a real EXPERIENCE, one that will last a life time. The team building messages that can be delivered through this event are exhaustive and the once in a life time personal experiences are plentiful. 

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