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What's HOT

What's HOT

As a business we strive to improve and to make our events better. Last year we started to expolre the options of  Event Applications and found the benifits to clients and the events is HUGE.  Current App developments include Delegate Registration, App Based treasure hunts, Dynamic Scorebards for events and Social Media Marketing. This information may not mean much at the moment, but these areas will continually expand in the years to come. 

We have an incredible new branding brochure, showing some case studies for high end clients and how we have helped with not only the stand or exhibition atttraction, but with screens, social media promotions and the promotion of the company brand. We even offer a service of 3D event design. 

Please contact us for the brochure and see how we can assist with some of your LIVE event requirements. 

  • Event Design
  • Promotions & Roadshows
  • Face to Face and Social Media Photography